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simplecreations's Journal

Simple Blinkies, Glitters, etc!
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1. 2 requests at a time You may request again as soon as you pick up your previous requests.
2. Please make posts friends only.
3. There aren't many other rules, I will do any blinkie and glitters just as long as I know how. If I can't fill a request because I don't know how to make it, I will let you know and I will most likely give you a free request. I do not make icons.
4. Make sure you read the "Good News" under the rules so you know what I've learned and what you can request and not request.
5. If you promote this community to someone or another community you will get a free request. Just post the link to the post that is promoting this community and post your free request right along with your regular 2 requests. If you would like to get even one more free request (that would make 4 requests in total) tell the person or community that you promoted to to put in their first request post that they were referred here by you. You only need to get one person to join in order to get that 2nd free request. I will let you know if you earned a free request for someone joining.
6. Put " Thanks-A-Lot " in the subject line so I know you read the rules. <---Will change at any time, so always check before you request.

Good News: On August 21st, I figured out how to make blinkies transparent. So now I'll make all the blinkies transparent.

Good News: On September 21st, I figured out how to make glitters using all fonts.

Good News: On November 3rd, I figured out an easy way to make Say Club Dolls with glitter tags and as blinkies.

The blinkie gallery can be found here: Blinkie Gallery

The glitter gallery is here: Glitter Gallery

The doll gallery is here: Doll Gallery

The Say Club Doll gallery is here: Say Club

The Blank Blinkie Blocks gallery is here: Blinkie Blocks (this is under construction but you can still use what is there so far.)

fallenangel2686---maintainer/full time maker

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